CleanWells is a community group of Charlton, Southbridge and Sturbridge residents who want clean drinking water for their homes. Many residents have had water contamination for years. The DEP has determined the potentially responsible party is SRDP (Casella) and the town of Southbridge, as they believe contamination is eminating from the Southbridge landfill. The DEP has stated, as far as the DEP is concerned, a potentially responsible party (PRP) is NO different than a responsible party (RP).

We continue, through our efforts here and at meetings, to petition the DEP to name SRDP and the Town of Southbridge the responsible party for the contamination. More information concerning this issue is below and on the news, videos and documents pages, all linked below.


Home Survey for water line hook up Here

WPI Survey Link

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SBOH Thursday, Feb 8th, @ 6:30pm

Current News
Waterline sign up map posted to documents page. CBOH and Waterline Public Meeting videos posted to videos page.
Presentation slides are posted on documents page.
Parcel maps are posted on the documents page. These are as they were during the presentation (no edits yet). If you need to dicuss your parcel design with Tighe & Bond, contact Jeff  Faulkner or Cassandra LaRochelle  at: 508-471-9620 508-471-9644

Casella cutting "extras" in Southbridge. T&G article HERE

Update 10.19.2017 - Pump station property has been purchased, according to Town Administrator. ZBA hearing scheduled for 24 October is not expected to discuss Sterns property and the pump house, but there are other items on their agenda.

Pump station property purchase delayed months by town agencies. Purchase expected to be completed the week of Oct 16th. This has NO impact to the waterline completion date of Nov 2018 for the HFoote/Berry area as per DEP and our Town Administrator.        T&G Article Here

Phase 2.10 Appeal of Negative Site Suitability withdrawn by SRDP. There are currently no applications in front of the DEP to expand the Southbridge Landfill.

Water line design to be completed by March 2018
Water Line Installation: May 2018-November 2018
Final street paving: May 2019-June 2019

Casella calls it quits at Southbridge Landfill.... closure expected by end of 2018!

Letter to Southbridge Town Council HERE
Q2 Earnings Report where closure is discussed:
Earnings Call
Earnings Report
Article in Waste 360
T&G Article Casella to close lanfill by end of 2018
Toxics Action Center Article HERE
Worcester Magazine Article HERE
Worcester Magazine Article About Southbridge Future After Landfill Closure
Worcester TV Landfill Story w/Dan Butler
Casella Goodbye Letter to Residents of Southbridge
T&G Letter - Its Not Over

CLF Blog

Past News HERE

Contact the Charlton Board of Health for information regarding homes that have reported contaminations @ 508-248-2210

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Current Landfill Expansion Phases & Processes

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Leachate Reports 2007-Present

Historical Map of Southbridge Landfill Contamination

Monitoring Well Contaminant History

Monitoring Well Contaminations - as of 2016 Q2

All VOCs, VOC exceedances and Heavy Metal Exceedances detected at Southbridge landfill

Elevation Drawing

Larger Elevation Drawing

1,4 Dioxane and other VOC Info

MASSDEP Release Tracking Number Documents

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