1,4 Dioxane and other VOC Info

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For water testing, you can contact  Microbac Laboratories, Inc.,61 Louisa Viens Drive, Dayville, CT 06241 800-334-0103. Ask for a VOC test, AND a 1,4 Dioxane test. Ask for a heavy metals test if you are concerned about arsenic, lead, chromium, barium, etc. Verify the 1,4 Dioxane test is Method 522. Ask about their reporting limit. Reporting limit should be under .1ug/L (usually it is .06ug/L)

Natural News article on 1,4 Dioxane in products. What products to avoid, which to buy, and what ingredients to look for.

Natural News article on products with and without 1,4 dioxane

NH Dept of Environmental Services 28 Mar 2013 - Spetic system NOT a source of well contamination of 1,4