Phase 2.10 BWP SW 01 Site Suitability Application
Description: Triangualr parcel of land where the current trailors are, to be deemed suitable (through this process) to be added to the landfill footprint. Parcel will be enclosed by the berms.
Current Status: Administrative Review
Decision pending: 14 Novemeber 2016
After MassDEP determines the application is complete on 14 November, the following steps will be followed:
1. After After receipt of notice of completion, SRDP must notify all parties identified in 310 CMR 16.08(2) and abutters to the site by certified mail
2. SRDP shall provide public notice that an application has been filed with the board of health
3. Review period commences when SRDP has provided proof to MassDEP that the public notice requirement has been met
4. During initial 21 days of review MassDEP shall accept written comments for the board of health or other interested persons regarding the suitability of the site
5. Site  Assignment proceedings
More details are at 310 CMR 16.00 (Specifically 16.10 and 16.11) 310 CMR 16

Phase 1.11 SW 26 Major Expansion Permit Application
Description: Building berms around current footprint, plus around Phase 2.10 area. Berms to be 60' high, then filled in with Municipal Solid Waste
Current Status: Application Review
Decision Pending: 12 Feb 2017
After MassDEP draft decision on the application due on 12 Feb 2017, the following steps will be followed:
1. SRDP shall issue a public notice in a local newspaper announcing the start of the public comment period for the permit
2. The public comment period shall remain open for at least 30 days after the public notice date
3. A public hearing shall be held no sooner than 21 days after publication of notice (or as otherwise required by law/statute/regulation)
4. Within 60 days of the close of public comment period MassDEP will issue its Final Determination on the Application, to include it's response to any public comments received